Michael Parkinson is a British born artist currently living and working in México.
He creates art that comes from within using intuition, a symbolism of colour and form and the interplay of elemental forces - Air Fire Water and Earth.

From these ingredients arise figures, animals, landscapes and occasionally objects. The relationships between these characters and locations hint at stories or even mythologies as he draws upon the archetypal language of the sub-conscious.
The viewer is encouraged to create their own conclusion as to what the narrative is, allowing them the possibility to also connect with their own inner communication.

He is currently applying the techniques he uses to create his art to his life in general, by learning to open up his sensitivity to vague feelings and intuitions and following them to where they may lead him with an unshakable belief that it will all work out in the end as long he is ruled by love and not fear.

He was attracted to mexico by the traditions and art forms of its pre-hispanic cultures, the beauty of its natural landscapes and the warmth of its people.
Also the encroaching culture of petty rulemaking, surveilance, control and clandestine manipulation that continues to cast a dark shadow over british life may have led him to seek escape in order to develop further.

Travelling alone around the country at the age of 18, sketching ancient sculptures in museums, visiting archeological sites and absorbing the culture in general left a deep impression on the young michael.

The continued existance of shaminism stretching back thousands of years and the permeation of that influence into the general population results in a place where magic is taken as part of life and the mysteries of existance have not been drowned in the tepid waters of scientific scepticism.

The themes that have been arising in his work as of late are somewhat apocalyptic - mirroring the zeitgeist of the moment. However there is always positivity in the outcome and a joy in the experience of life and its many forms of expression and beauty.

He is currently in the process of moving to the city after spending 3 years in a small town in Veracruz called Misantla, where he worked in isolation on himself and his art, and is now reaching out to exhibit.

a photo of michael outside a barbers shop in mexico city