Churchill was a shit.

I have been looking at things from a different point of view… Why throughout my whole life was Hitler portrayed as the most evil being ever to have existed ?  Who was doing the portraying?  What was their agenda?   If the Germans had not bravely pushed back against the massive Soviet army who else would have stopped them from crushing all of Europe. I doubt the slender strip of sea we call the channel would have stopped them.

And looking at news reports  of today that relate to the other subjects in this video gets me thinking…Why are English people a minority in some Northern towns? why are the ‘guests’ in our country behaving the way they do?  Why do the authorities not insist that they behave themselves? Why is it deemed unacceptable to ask such questions? Who is making it unacceptable?

I am an immigrant in a foreign country, yet I behave myself and respect the culture and customs of where I live, I demand no special treatment. I don’t expect the people of this country to adjust their ways to accommodate me.  I respect that the people here maintain their traditions,  and treat me a little differently. I am a guest.

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